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Wall Quotes

Tomko Design has developed the overall look and feel of all things West-MEC over the last 9 years. When they opened their new START facility they wanted to communicate the progressive nature of the new programs by placing quotes throughout the building. The slideshow about shows a sample of some of these quotes we designed. Materials included cut vinyl and 3 dimensional formed letters.


Solana Beach

20 years ago I was fortunate enough to design a “new classic” logo for a well known surf shop in La Jolla and Solana Beach. That new logo is now a classic in it’s own right. If you find yourself in that area, you’ll see stickers, shirts and hats all over town with that logo.

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Combine Studios

Combine Studios is a live work space for traveling artists in Phoenix, AZ. I was lucky enough to create their branding and this is the start of the signage. More to come…

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Tomko Design created the overall look for this mall as it was being developed. Before all the spaces were rented out they wanted to cover the glass so that new tenants had the privacy to build out their interiors before opening. With that request Tomko Design undertook the task of photographing and creating technical drawings of all of the windows and doors in this giant outdoor mall. Over 167 window bays were counted and designs were created. We chose to color coordinate each of the separate buildings. This is just a small example of the windows designed.


Puro Gelato

These are flat panel examples of the backlit menu boards created for the kiosk mall locations. Some of the finest gelato I’ve ever tasted. Tomko Design created the full branding campaign for Puro, including the logo, cups, dishes, tee shirts, menus, napkins and the like. More photos to come.