Lindy Lee Music

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Lindy Lee wanted a new site that she could use to promote her singing career. As a talented vocalist she wanted to be able send people to her site to hear her voice. This scrolling, one page site includes an audio player, photo slideshow and calendar of her performances.


for Life

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AZ Programs of Study is a comprehensive approach for delivering academic and career and technical education to prepare students for post-secondary education and career success. As a result, students earn industry credentials and/or college credit toward an Associate’s and/or Bachelor’s degree during high school.

Tomko Design created the logo and website for this new state-wide initiative.


Big Picture

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West-MEC wanted something unique to compliment the Big Picture printed brochure that would present the stats and figures in an animated way. This one-page site uses parallax scrolling and animated text.


Grand Tour

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The Grand Tour was a premier destination for unique, antique gifts and furniture from around the world.
Take a look at the site and get your travel on.


There are multiple floors to this house. By clicking the hanging arrow at the bottom, or each arrow on the floors, the house expands to reveal more Career Homies and interactivity.



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Fluidic Energy wanted a tech, yet friendly, website that was a teaser for their revolutionary battery backup products that keep city power grids from blackouts and brownouts. This one page site contains parallax scrolling as well as javascript animations. Note the icons used for the top navigation in place of text. Designed for PS Studios.